Through The Ropes are a series of ‘photobooks’ showcasing the images captured by Sarah Holden (of Sarah Hopkins Photography) and Tom Holden and is part of the ‘The Creative Space‘ group

Through The Ropes uses Sarah and Tom’s photos to document:

  • Individual bouts – pro and some amateur
  • The winning of belts and crowns
  • Pro-debuts – that first step to an unknown future
  • An overview of a fight-night
  • A visit to a gym
  • Boxing artwork

There’s just a record of the fight  in a Through The Ropes photomag. We aim to celebrate the victories!

Check out the photomags under the event names. Click on ‘Magazines’ in the menu and follow the links to get your record of some great fights!

Pictures speak louder than words and  who needs words when there is action!

Fighters – please bear with us for the moment!
We have thousands of images to work through and tens of bouts.
If we were ringside for your fight during the last 4-5 years then there is a good chance a magazine will come out over the next few months – as we catch up whilst trying to keep up with the promoters.